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Every week we play out a number of clips and jingles, many of which we have made ourselves. So, we thought that it might be a fun idea to use these to create our very own NiliPOD 'Podcast Soundboard' page, where you can play them yourself.

They are grouped below into podcast episodes and general show jingles. Hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we have enjoyed making them and putting them together. Happy clicking!

New Podcast Jingles: 19 December 2015

Star Wars C3PO Interview

General Podcast Sound Effects

Alarm Sound

Buzzer - Correct

Buzzer - Wrong

Children Booing

Children Cheering

Children Saying Ahh

Clapping Applause 1

Clapping Applause 2

Cockerel Rooster Crowing - Cock-a-Doodle-Doo

Comedy Drums at End of Joke

Comedy Horns

Comedy Whistle

Crown Gasping

Door Bell

Door Knocking

Laughing People

Laughing Sitcom Audience

Lightning Storm

Party Blower

Phone Dialling

Phone Ringing

School Bell

Tape Rewinding

Trumpet Fanfare


Star Wars Podcast Sound Effects



Darth Vader

Han Solo

Jabba the Hutt

Jar Jar Binks




New Podcast Jingles: 13 December 2015

YouTube Video of the Week

Girls On Film

Chart Chat

Good News


Clips for Podcast Episode 10: 12 December 2015

Star Wars Darth Vader Interview

Ed Sheeran Peep Show Clip 1

Ed Sheeran Peep Show Clip 2

Joe and Caspar Trailer

Air Horn


Clips for Podcast Episode 9: 5 December 2015

Star Wars Han Solo Interview

Star Wars Yoda Interview


Clips for Podcast Episode 7: 21 November 2015

Voice Message 1

Voice Message 2

Jennifer Lawrence Prank Clip 1

Jennifer Lawrence Prank Clip 2

David Attenborough Adele Clip

Hunger Games Trailer

Banana Dance Song Clip

Best Christmas Song Ever

Email Message 1

Voice Message Surprise

Surprise Jingle

Email Message 2

Christmas Jingle 1

Christmas Jingle 2


Some of Our Main Jingles

Big Bag of Random

Brooklyn Beckham News

Nia vs Liv

NiliPOD 'Hello' Jingle with music

NiliPOD 'Hello' Jingle (speaking)

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