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How Often Will I Record?
How often to record podcastThe simple answer to this is as often as you want to, and this really depends upon how much spare time you have on your hands, and how keen you are to record.

Most importantly you should aim to record your podcast on a regular basis, be that once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. Then, any listeners who have subscribed won't be disappointed when a recording fails to materialise. Recording every day may well be too much for your audience, unless there is a demand for this kind of broadcast.

Weekly Podcasting
For most amateur podcasters, a weekly release seems to be very much on the money. It is often enough for you to gain yourself a loyal audience, but not too frequent that it becomes a chore to listen to, and even more importantly, a chore to make, edit and produce. These days, recording the podcast is often the simple part.

Once recorded, you will need to spend time editing it, uploading it, and adding it to any RSS feeds, as well as updating your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and your blog, not to mention your YouTube channel.

Listeners Catching Up
Try to think that if someone has subscribed and gone on holiday for a week, will there be too many podcasts waiting on their computer when they return? There is not a right or wrong answer to this question, but don't be too ambitious to start with.

If the length of your casts are off-putting to start with, people may never consider wading through your back catalogue once they find out about your marvellous work.

How long will my podcasts last?
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