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44. Crazy Plastic Ball Prank

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Ball pits are fun at the very best of times, but imagine what it would be like if you filled up your entire house with literally thousands and thousands of these small rainbow-coloured plastic balls. Well, this is just what happened when Roman Atwood was bored one day babysitting, after his wife went to work. He thought it would be funny to get several lorry loads of balls and make a YouTube video so that he could share his crazy day of messing around with the world.

There's even a large trampoline involved and some jumping from the balcony at the top of the stairs, and children from the surrounding neighbourhood seem to descend on the living room from all directions.

When Roman's wife came home and opened the door, she was met with an avalanche of balls and children. She was very, very surprised and confused, but she did seem to appreciate the funny side of it. Roman is clearly a bit of a joker on the side. I wonder how long it took to clear up all those balls though?!

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