NiliPod - Pizza Pancake Calzone Recipe

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We like eating these savoury pancakes for breakfast - they certainly go down a treat! They are a bit like pizzas and a bit like a traditional calzone (a folded pizza), and most importantly, this recipe doesn't take long to make.

If you don't fancy these for breakfast, then they make a nice midday snack or lunch, or you can always stick a couple in your lunchbox. Optional toppings include sliced peppers, chunks of red onion, pepperoni slices, bacon pieces, chopped ham, and chunks of chorizo sausage.

Recipe Ingredients

1 cup of plain white flour
1 cup of milk (full-fat or skimmed is fine)
3 eggs
1 tube of tomato puree
100 grams / 3 1/2 oz of Cheddar cheese
Dried mixed herbs / Italian seasoning


Mix together all of the dry recipe ingredients - the flour, the milk and the eggs, to form your pancake batter. Using a greased medium-hot frying pan, preferably non-stick, make your individual pancakes, although slightly smaller than usual - roughly 2/3 of the frying pan size.

Place your pancakes onto oven trays that you have covered with some greaseproof paper, and then spread over a thin layer of tomato puree. Top with a generous amount of the grated Cheddar cheese and a pinch of dried herbs, before folding your pancakes over in half, to form 'calzone' like pizza sandwiches.

Bake your pancake pizza calzones in the oven (at 180°C) for between five and ten minutes, keeping a close eye on their progress, Don't worry if a little of the melted cheese runs out the side - scrape it back onto the pancake when you serve it, or maybe just eat it yourself.

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