Top 100 YouTube Videos
80. Pipe Dream Song and Video by Animusic

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When we first saw this viral video as young(ish) children, we weren't sure whether or not it was real, because it certainly appears very realistic. Nia loved watching this when she was little and it was one of the first YouTube videos that she remembers ever seeing, ever.

Of course this 'Pipe Music' video is not actually real, but the animation is absolutely superb. Balls and marbles are being cleverly shot out of a giant machine to create a very relaxing and soporific piece of instrumental robotic music, complete with strings, xylophones, drums, cymbals, bongos and tubular bells of course.

Animusic have uploaded many different videos since this one appeared in 2008, but it remains one of its most popular, after 'Resonant Chamber', which is based around a very unusual guitar with multiple fretboards. We've also included Resonant Chamber on this page, because it is just so captivating and brilliantly done.

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