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60. PewDiePie Playing the 7 Second Challenge with Dan and Phil

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The 7 Second Challenge is a great app developed by the marvellous YouTuber twosome, Dan and Phil. In this particular video, special guest and huge star of YouTube PewDiePie (real name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) comes along to play their game, which includes a an exciting round of 'Sudden Death'.

The questions and challenges include:

What three things would you do if you swapped bodies with the opposite sex?
Describe one of the people sitting near you right now.
Put a leg behind your head.
Say your full name backwards.
Name three things that you would happily blow up with dynamite.
Pretend your ovaries have just exploded.
Name five animals that you wouldn't find in the zoo.
Say which body part you would make robotic and explain why.
Name five mythological creatures.

But have they 'Nailed It' or 'Failed It'? Who ends up winning, and who falls off the couch in a rather pathetic way when they lose the game?!

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