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Our Parody Version of BBC April Fool's Day Prank with Flying Penguins

Each year when April Fool's day comes along, the media go into overdrive, trying to prank the unsuspecting general public with their silly stories and unbelievable tall tales, like spaghetti growing on trees. In 2008, the BBC rather cleverly made an amazing video, when film maker Terry Jones pretended that he'd discovered a very unique colony of penguins, so unique that they were genuinely unlike any other type of penguin on the whole planet.

Using some very realistic special effects, the BBC pretended that these penguins could actually fly and they showed them taking off, in the same way that puffins take to the skies. So, when we popped down to Lyme Regis for the day, we thought that it was the perfect time to recreate this magical prank video and see if we could fool anyone into thinking that our penguins could fly along the coastline of Dorset. We didn't have a very big budget though, so we had to make do with some cute glove puppets that we bought from Amazon and a bag full of old cuddly toys.

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