Top 100 YouTube Videos
98. Penguin Falls Down

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Penguins really are a strange creature. They are so graceful underwater, where they seem to glide effortlessly through the water like fish, but on land, they are extremely funny when they waddle to get around, rocking from side to side as they walk.

This comedy video is to be found on the MrGreesen YouTube channel and it shows a group of penguins living in the South Pole and walking on the slippery ice, or trying their very best to do so. And then one of the little guys slips over and lands on its back with a great big 'thud', making the other penguins all exclaim in harmony 'Ooooohh!' He then gets up very quickly, looking rather embarrassed.

We think that the sound effects have been added on afterwards, but it is still very funny to watch. The comments beneath this 11-second film are also worth a read, such as 'Pingu is having a bad day, isn't he?!'

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