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Our Parody Version of the Famous Penguin Falls Down Video

If you check out our Top 100 YouTube videos page, you'll see that we have chosen some real corkers - YouTube videos that are not only incredibly popular, but ones that are incredibly funny. So funny in fact that we thought we'd have a go at recreating them ourselves, each and every one of these 100 videos.

This was one of our first and is our parody version of the extremely popular YouTube classic: 'Penguin Falls Down, Resulting in Best Sound Ever'. What happens in the real film is that a group of penguins are walking across the ice when one of then suddenly slips and falls down, while its friends all look at it and make a hilarious 'Oooooooooooh!' noise. In our version of this classic, we were unfortunately not able to get hold of real penguins from our local zoo, and so we had to make do with some cuddly toys instead, and a lot of imagination.

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