Top 100 YouTube Videos
57. Floating Otters Holding Hands in Water

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This video was uploaded in 2007, when someone filmed a pair of otters in the pool at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre), which is a popular aquarium attraction based within Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada. The centre draws thousands of visitors each year, who come to see its many residents and learn about its admirable marine animal rehabilitation and conservation work.

These particular sea otters are incredibly sweet, because they are clearly holding hands as they float around in the pool, having a well-deserved afternoon nap. Over 20 million people have seen this video and seem to agree that this is beyond cute, judging by their comments. Apparently sea otters really do hold hands (or paws) in the wild, so that they don't get separated when they sleep in the water.

They certainly seem to be quite a crowd pleaser judging by the background voices, where people can be heard saying things like 'Ahh, isn't it sweet?!' and 'That is so adorable!'

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