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The NiliPOD Website Opening Title Sequence

We thought it would be a fun idea to have an opening title sequence for some of our videos, and so we posed for these pictures, trying to look silly, serious and funny all at the same time. We actually took these on a beach and then with the magic of PhotoShop, we took away the background and replaced it with a lovely stock image of a cartoon flowering spring meadow that we purchased with this opener in mind.

It took absolutely ages and ages to PhotoShop the individual pictures, all 15 of them - roughly an hour for each one, because we wanted to do it really well. And even though it is less than eight seconds long in total, it was definitely worth all of the hard work, planning it, driving down to the beach, taking the photos, loading them up onto the computer, picking out our favourite ones, PhotoShopping them, choosing a background, finding a nice piece of royalty free music, and then finally putting the whole sequence together - you get the idea!

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