Top 100 YouTube Videos
82. Nyan Cat

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Sometimes its really easy to see why a YouTube video is so popular, and other times, it's just a complete mystery to us. The Nyan Cat falls into the latter category and it is certainly a bit of an enigma on so many levels.

Uploaded by 'Slobs' in 2011 and now watched by a mightily impressive 130 million people, the Nyan Cat is a very basic animation, consisting of a crude pixelated cat that is flying through the sky, leaving a colourful rainbow trail behind it. The 8-bit music starts off being quite catchy (Num num num...), but after three minutes, it does start to get just the tiniest bit annoying.

If you love the viral Nyan Cat as much as we do, then no doubt you'll be thrilled the learn that lots of other YouTube people have made their own versions, showing this chunky cartoon feline travelling around the world, to China, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Argentina and Russia, amongst other places. And if you want some merchandise, visit the website and get yourself a cool Nyan wallet, some stickers or maybe a keyring perhaps?!

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