Top 100 YouTube Videos
49. Numa Numa Song

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Some YouTube videos are clever and clearly involve a great deal of work, while others are nothing more than a very silly person being very silly in front of a camera. This film falls into the latter category and features a teenage boy named Gary Brolsma sitting in his bedroom, in front of the computer's webcam, dancing along to the Numa Numa song as he enjoys some serious karaoke time. It's simply a spot of harmless fun, nothing more than that.

Just three months after this video was uploaded to YouTube at the end of 2006, it went viral and reached more than two million views, which was no mean feat at that time. The film has gone on to win many parody awards, and since the video has been copied onto so many different sites and blogs around the world, it is estimated that it has now actually been viewed more than 700 million times, making it nothing short of an Internet phenomenon.

In case you are wondering, this song isn't actually called the Numa Numa song, its proper title is 'Dragostea Din Tei' or 'Mai Ya Hee', being performed by the Moldovan group 'O-Zone'.

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