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Playing the Never Have I Ever Game, with Dares

I recently downloaded a 'Never Have I Ever' app on my iPhone and so when my friend Zena came round for the afternoon, I thought it might be fun to play this with her. It was fun, but we thought that we'd spice things up a little by adding in some dares and forfeits, for those answers where we had actually done the thing in question.

Some of the dares were just gross, while some were a combination of stupid, funny and nerveracking, like the prank calls that we had to make to our friends, spinning around 20 times in the garden before drinking a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice and then trying to walk in a straight line, and stuff along those lines.

It's a good mobile app though, so look out for it if you have a friend coming round and you want to play a fun game together, but make sure than you are 100 percent honest.

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