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36. Mila Kunis Interview with Chris Stark - Scott Mills Show on Radio 1

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Chris Stark got the surprise of his life when completely out of the blue, Scott Mills told him that he was about to interview a major A-lister movie star, in just 15 minutes time. So he was quickly ushered out of the studio and over to a nearby hotel, where the lovely Mila Kunis was waiting for him.

Rather overcome by the whole experience, Chris stumbled over his words in a very charming way, a little like bumbling Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral. And because Chris came across so well, being so polite and funny, the YouTube video went viral virtually overnight, all around the world, with international news stations phoning up Starky to actually interview him about his experience and his five minutes of global fame.

Even today, Chris is still best known for his Mila Kunis interview, although he has also enjoyed chatting to a number of other movie-star legends since, including the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston and handsome Robert Downey Jr.

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