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24. F*@#ing Matt Damon with Sarah Silverman (Jimmy Kimmel)

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Jimmy Kimmel is a brilliant American chat show host and he often has so many entertaining features on his programme. He has a funny pretend rivalry with actor Matt Damon, who he often pretends was supposed to be appearing on his show, but they ran out of time for his interview.

At the time, Jimmy's girlfriend was comedienne Sarah Silverman, and she made a hilarious video pretending that she was having an affair with Matt Damon, filming them in compromising positions, with great lyrics and an incredibly catchy song. Listen out for lines - 'Who's that knocking at my door?!' and then 'Hey Kimmel, how do you like them apples?!'.

The dance routines were great, especially as it was all filmed really, really quickly, because Matt Damon had just a few hours spare in his incredibly busy schedule. Of course, Jimmy Kimmel couldn't let it go and he made a video himself, starring Hollywood legends Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Macy Gray, Cameron Diaz, Huey Lewis, Josh Groban, Meatloaf and many more of his famous celebrity friends. We've included this film on the page as well. Harrison Ford even pops up at the end and blows them a kiss from his sports car. And don't worry, all of the rude words are bleeped out!

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