Top 100 YouTube Videos
75. Man Running into a Wall

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We challenge you to watch this video for the first time without laughing, or even cracking a smile. Seriously, press the play button, look at the screen and give it a go. It's almost impossible, unless perhaps you were born without any sense of humour. We roar with laughter every time we watch it, because the guy was trying so hard to show off, and he fails in such a spectacular way. It really is an epic fail.

A group of friends are in the gym when one of them announces that he is going to show them how he can walk on the wall. So he runs really fast and gets ready to perform his stunt, but he just ends up running into the wall with a large thud.

Thankfully the guy was not hurt in the making of this film, he just had a bad headache afterwards, and his pride was a little bit dented as well, not to mention his head. This was uploaded in 2007 on the Dajermster channel of YouTube, where it remains the channel's one and only video ever uploaded. Shame on you Dajermster, but it was funny and it did go viral, so we'll forgive you!

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