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16. Let It Go REMIX (Dad and his Daughter Singing in the Car)

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Who doesn't love the Disney movie Frozen?! Well, we certainly love it, and many a time we've burst into song when we see some snow on the ground, singing 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman'.

Well, on this video, a really lovely dad (Billy) is enjoying singing Let It Go with his adopted three-year-old daughter (Blakely) in the car, as they drive somewhere. Frozen is one of our all-time favourite films, and we completely get how much fun it is to sing along in the car.

As the song goes on, they get more and more carried away with their singing and their performance, and the little girl seems to get cuter and cuter, if that is at all possible. It's so lovely that it is hard not to join in with them. If we'd been in the car, sat in the back seat with Blakely, we'd have been singing our hearts out as well. No doubt about that!

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