Top 100 YouTube Videos
40. Battle at Kruger Park in Africa

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Wildlife videos are always fascinating to watch, especially those set in the National Parks of Africa. This particular video appeared on YouTube way back in 2007 and has now been watched by roughly 80 million people, being uploaded by Jason Schlosberg.

Tune in to see an incredible struggle when a pack of lions chase after a vulnerable young buffalo, bringing it to the ground. The lions fall into the river and start to attack the buffalo, eating it alive. The buffalo really does look like it's got no chance of survival - it's a gonner for sure.

And then after several minutes of struggling and a crocodile snapping at its feet, miraculously, it manages to somehow escape and run away to freedom when its herd returns to rescue it - and they are furious. This is a truly astonishing wildlife video - we've never seen anything like this one in our lives. No wonder so many people have watched it.

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