Top 100 YouTube Videos
58. Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat

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This has got to be one of the most weird and downright bizarre videos ever to surface on YouTube. The 'Keyboard Cat' has become so unbelievably famous that it could quite rightly be described as being a legend. This cat now has its very own page on Wikipedia and it regularly appears on lists of the greatest-ever viral videos and Internet memes.

Although the video was uploaded in 2007, it was actually filmed in 1984, hence the relatively poor quality. Fatso the cat can be seen dressed in a fetching blue shirt, standing in front of a Casio keyboard and playing along with the drum beat, although his paws are actually being moved for him by his owner Charlie Schmidt - he is clearly a very placid cat.

Sadly, Fatso passed away in 1987, but thanks to YouTube, his crazy keyboard playing skills will be remembered forever and enjoyed by future generations of millions of YouTube users.

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