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79. Karl Pilkington's Best Bits

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Often described by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant as being their 'muse', they certainly broke the mould when Karl Pilkington came into this universe. He is truly one of a kind and seems to be naturally funny with his sarcasm and observations of the world around him.

Picking up on his endearing personality, Sky1 commissioned a series of TV programmes that revolve around the life of Karl Pilkington himself, such as the extremely successful 'An Idiot Abroad' and spin-off series 'The Moaning of Life'. In this YouTube video (uploaded by The Assembler), we are treated to some of the funniest clips from An Idiot Abroad, such as the time Karl is somewhat alarmed when he meets a pet hippo who is eating in a kitchen. He is quite nervous and says 'My dad didn't even let our cat in the lounge, and there's a hippo in here!'

We also liked the bits where Karl did a special episode with Warwick Davis, where he tries to shoot a target and blows up a cliff face, and where he talks about what kind of superpower he'd like to have. We've also included the video where he treks for many miles through the jungle to catch a glimpse of a gorilla - he's clearly not impressed by the whole experience. At one point, he slips over and exclaims - 'It feels like a triffid's got hold of me, and I've got a headache coming on!'

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