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39. Justin Bieber 'Sorry' Song Parody

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For many, Justin Bieber is the best thing ever since sliced bread, while for others he is something of an acquired taste, with his 'Baby' music video being the most disliked film on the whole of YouTube. We love his Sorry song, especially as we made our own version of it featuring the Yee dinosaur.

This particular parody is especially good. Clearly a lot of work and money went into this production. It features comedy genius Bart Baker, who dances around as Bieber being generally obnoxious, but it's all OK, as long as he apologises for it and says 'Sorry'. Some of the best lyrics for this parody include the following:

My manager told me to make a song to apologise
He told me to act like my life is hard so people empathise
Then he said to look at the camera and made sad puppy dog eyes
Cos it would make my teen girl fans feel bad for me...

It all gets a bit weird at the end, when Kylo Ren comes along from Star Wars, together with his gang of StormTroopers, and gets out his lightsaber. Hilarity ensues and it is a great ending, albeit rather random and completely unexpected.

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