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YouTube Video of the Week: Joe Sugg Bathroom Prank on Caspar Lee

We all know how much Joe Sugg likes playing pranks on his roommate Caspar Lee. In the past he has covered Caspar's bedroom walls with colourful sticky notes and also filled it with balloons. However, Thatcher Joe's past attempt to cover his bedroom floor with glasses of water kind of failed when Caspar took a giant leap from his bed and managed to clear the obstacles without knocking over a single glass.

This prank fail has bugged Joe ever since and he has been planning his revenge for many months. And so in this particular prank video, Joe steals Caspar's car keys and places them out of reach by the toilet, covering the bathroom floor with lots of plastic glasses of water once more. And to make it more interesting and rather dangerous, he also places literally dozens of mousetraps in the gaps in-between the glasses.

When poor jet-lagged Caspar Lee finally woke up in a rush, he was confused, bemused and generally cheesed off, as he urgently needed to go to the toilet. Joe even took of his bedroom door handle so that Caspar wouldn't be able to use his en-suite bathroom. And yes, Caspar did stand on a mousetrap or two, squealing out very loudly as they snapped on his toes, causing Joe to laugh himself silly.

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