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95. Crush on Roommate's Sister (Zoella) - Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee

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Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe) live together in a very trendy looking flat in the Hammersmith area of West London and they have become best friends. They both often make YouTube videos of themselves carrying out stupid dares and challenges.

In this video, you can watch Caspar being challenged to put ice cubes down his pants, prank call his mum to tell her that he got arrested for peeing in public, get Joe to wax his hairy arms, and drink a glass of water while doing a handstand.

The best challenge and the one that we especially liked was where Caspar told Joe that he kissed his sister (Zoe Sugg, aka YouTuber superstar Zoella) when they all went to a One Direction concert - and that he can't stop thinking about her, because he fancies her so much. How does ThatcherJoe react? Watch to find out.

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