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13. Ultimate Roommate Revenge Pranks - ThatcherJoe and Caspar Lee

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Joe Sugg (Zoella's brother) and his roommate Caspar Lee produce some really funny and silly videos on YouTube, and they upload all the time. Living together and both being accomplished YouTubers means that they have a lot of fun, especially as they seem to have so much time on their hands.

In this particular YouTube video, one of their most popular, Caspar has annoyed ThatcherJoe. He called him up on Skype and pretended that he didn't want to live with him any more, and was intending to move to Las Vegas.

So, Joe decided to get revenge with his 'Prank Caspar Lee' week, when he started things off old-school with cling-film over the toilet seat, followed by hiding in his wardrobe (Joe hid for literally hours), covering his entire room with stickies, waking him up wearing a freaky clown mask, spraying him with silly string in bed, and covering his bedroom floor with plastic glasses of water while he was asleep.

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