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93. Joe and Caspar Hit The Road Red Carpet Premiere

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In their own way, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee have become Internet royalty in the world of UK YouTubers. These guys are so likeable that not only have they built themselves up a huge fanbase, but they have made lots of influential friends along the way.

With the help of a film crew provided by the BBC, they recently filmed their very own reality movie, which was simply called 'Joe and Caspar Hit the Road'. This featured them driving around Europe and trying to get themselves some jobs en route, so that they could eat and buy petrol for their VW campervan.

This video shows the boys being interviewed for YouTube's SugarScape channel, where the are proudly standing on the red carpet at their film premiere. Many other famous YouTubers can also be seen, with Joe being supported by his sister Zoella and friend Oli White. We've also included Oli White's video of the event, as it shows another angle and we really liked the questions and answers section on the stage towards the end.

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