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61. Top 10 Jackass Stunts from the Movie

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Those crazy Jackass stars are exactly that, completely crazy. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, Bam Margera and Chris Pontius are certainly our favourite lunatics from the cast.

The Jackass gang rose to fame when they managed to get themselves a reality series on MTV, where they performed some very funny and extremely dangerous stunts for the camera. This YouTube video is just under ten minutes long and it depicts all of the best students from their Jackass Movie. These include a painful looking donkey kick, a stretch limousine filled with literally thousands of angry bees, shark fishing with Steve-O (who jumps overboard into the sea, with a hook through his cheek), wrestling a giant anaconda snake in a ball pit, snorting wasabit paste, and a revolting poo cocktail in a flying public toilet powered by bungee cords.

One of our favourite pranks in this 'best of' Jackass video is perhaps the simplest, where the gang hide in the bushes on a golf course and sound a loud air horn just as the golfers are teeing off. The mad bull chasing them around a seesaw is also quite funny and a little bit scary, while the toy car stunt is just wrong. Don't watch this bit if you are a younger viewer. And as for the taser obstacle course and the firework in the rear, they certainly took a lot of courage, or stupidity. I think we know which!

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