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YouTube Video of the Week: Cutting Open a Rattlesnake Rattle

If you have ever wondered what exactly is inside a rattlesnake's tail that actually makes it rattle, then watch this trending video and wonder no more. Uploaded to the extremely popular What's (In)Side YouTube channel, this video shows a father (Dan) and his son (Lincoln) cutting open a dried up tail after shaking it to show that it still rattles, but nobody could have possibly predicted what was inside that made the noise - that is unless you were a snake expert of course.

In case you didn't know, rattlesnakes are a particularly dangerous reptile that have a potentially lethal bite, and so it was a good thing that this particular snake was no longer alive - it was actually bought from a guy on eBay. At the beginning of the video there is lots of footage of snakes, basking in all their glory under heat lamps at the Phoenix Zoo.

If you are interested in things being cut open, then check out some of the other popular videos on the What's Inside YouTube channel, which include cutting open a giant wasp nest, a bowling ball, a jawbreaker sweet, golf balls, a self balancing scooter, a grenade, a levitating speaker, a shot-put ball, a punch bag, a lava lamp, a magic 8 ball, a meteorite from space, and so much more. It's a great channel where you can easily lose yourself for a few hours.

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