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Hunger Games Quiz, Real or Not Real - Nia vs Liv

We really, really love the Hunger Games (both the books and all of the movies), but this fun facts quiz about the films was certainly rather tricky. Play along at home and see if you can beat us.

There are true or false questions about the film, the actors and their characters, such as clumsy old Jennifer Lawrence (J-Law) and her character Katniss Everdeen. The producers of our podcasts decided to call it 'Real or No Real' (off of Scott Mills), because Peeta seemed to say that a lot in the last Mockingjay movie. As always, you can check out the full details for this challenge, including the questions and answers, by clicking on the 'Nia vs Liv Games' link within the 'Popular Features' section of our NiliPOD website.

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