Top 100 YouTube Videos
78. How Animals Eat Their Food

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Ever wondered how animals it their food? Then watch this viral video, courtesy of YouTubes MEM account. In fact, more than 120 million people have tuned in to see this rather humorous spectacle, which consists of two guys sitting at a dinner table made from two cardboard boxes. One is eating his dinner, while his friend is being rather silly, doing impressions of animals eating.

We've watched this video very closely ourselves and can see that the animal impressions include a cow (headbanging the plate), an alligator, a lizard, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a whale (he falls onto the table, making it collapse), a groundhog, a jumping kangaroo (that one was really funny), and a pink flamingo. Then the video finishes up with a rhinoceros, who charges at the table and makes everything collapse.

The bit that we found the funniest is the guy who is sitting at the table and carrying on eating his food, as if this behaviour is all perfectly normal.

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