Top 100 YouTube Videos
59. The Cog Video - Honda Advert

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This world-famous telvision advert was made in the UK in 2003, by some very clever and very imaginative engineers who worked for the Japanese car manufacturer Honda.

Lasting just two minutes, the YouTube video starts off with just a single cog, which starts to roll towards another cog and then starts off a series of events, rather like a Rude Goldberg machine or a domino rally. Filmed continuously with just one camera, the parts used in this film were taken from just two Honda Accord vehicles and include everything from nuts and bolts, to seats, batteries, windscreen wipers, a car radio, an exhaust pipe and an actual car itself.

The strap line at the very end of the advert is simply 'Isn't it nice when things just work?!' However, in reality, the making of this video took a huge amount of patience, with more than 600 takes until everything came together and worked exactly as planned. We've never seen the outtakes, but we're sure that they include lots of fist shaking and bad language, not to mention blood, sweat and tears.

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