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Hello Song Remix (Not Quite Adele, or The Beloved!)

When I started up the NiliPOD podcast, people were soon sending in all kinds of fun and crazy voice messages through the website, thanks to the big orange 'SpeakPipe' button (this is no longer available!)

And I got so many that it was difficult to play them all out, because it would have taken pretty much an entire episode. So I had a great idea, kind of, to edit together all the best bits with some funky music to make a song. These are all real messages and for everyone who sent them, thanks so much.

I also made the kaleidoscope YouTube video to this song, which is quite mesmerising and hypnotic. Thanks to everyone who actually told me their name. Quite a lot were anonymous, funnily enough. What shall we call it then? The NiliPOD rap sounds terrible, but how about Voice Message Mashup? Or maybe the 'Hello Song'.

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