Top 100 YouTube Videos
2. The Original Harry Potter Screen Tests / Audition with Daniel Radcliffe (Young Harry)

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Daniel Radcliffe is so unbelievably cute and young in this YouTube video of his Harry Potter audition, where he pretends to be talking to Hagrid about dragon eggs. Whatever you think about Dan and his acting abilities, this is a very impressive audition and it is very easy to see how he managed to get the part and become famous around the world as the boy wizard.

During the audition, Daniel Radcliffe is speaking his lines from the script so convincingly that at times it looks like he is just having a chat, acting incredibly naturally, especially when he smiles and answers the questions. We think that he was partly reading a script and partly improvising in the scene.

This viral video keeps raising its head in the newspapers and seems to continually be doing the rounds. Daniel is not so impressed with his younger self though and finds it all a bit 'cringe' now that he has grown up into a big boy.

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