Top 100 YouTube Videos
20. Do the Harlem Shake

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Did you join in with the Harlem Shake craze and make a video of yourself shaking around? Most of these just consist of people jumping about and 'dancing' to the music in a very crazy, rather bonkers way.

This particular video went viral almost immediately when it was uploaded in February 2013. It shows an army squadron in the winter, lined up on the snow. All of a sudden they are writhing around all over the floor, with some of the soldiers looking like giant caterpillars in their sleeping bags. Keep your eyes peeled for the man who manages to fall out of the window - it's so funny.

Created by American DJ and record producer Baauer, the Harlem Shake was actually his debut single, becoming a massive hit because of the numerous Internet memes that started to appear after its release. Sadly though, Baauer became a one-hit wonder, despite many attempts otherwise. We've also included some other great Harlem Shake videos on this page as well, for your amusement.

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