Top 100 YouTube Videos
99. Greg James Parody Video of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus just seems to love being outrageous and she is always in the newspaper for some reason or other, doing something crazy and irresponsible. That said, she does have an awesome voice and she has certainly recorded some most excellent songs in recent years.

Wrecking Ball was one of her biggest hits when it came out in 2013, being part of her successful album 'Bangerz'. The video was outrageous and didn't disappoint her fans, including Radio 1 drive-time DJ, Greg James, who has become known for his viral parody pop videos.

In this amusing film, Greg James recreates the magic of the Wrecking Ball video, dressing in a provocative manner as his very own version of Miley Cyrus and recreating her every move, very accurately indeed. We do warn you first though, if you do actually watch this, you can never unwatch it, so prepare yourself for something truly unforgettable and a little bit disturbing.

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