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YouTube Video of the Week: Gold Scamalot with James Veitch

James Veitch is first and foremost a British comedian, as well as being a writer, a producer, an actor and a director, and now it looks like he is a YouTube star in the making. I first became familiar with the work of James Veitch last Christmas, when my brother Rhys got his book entitled 'Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer'.

Basically, the premise of both this book and the accompanying 'Gold Scamalot' video is that one day, James Veitch was a little bit bored and so decided to answer one of the many spam emails that he was regularly receiving. And before he knew it, he was becoming a bit of an expert in scamming the actual scammer, whilst creating the most ridiculous and hilarious email conversations.

In the scam video, the email quotes are especially funny when James persuades the scammer to start using code words, so that the emails are more secure. 'I am trying to raise the balance for the 'gummy bear' so he can submit all the needed 'fizzy cola bottle jelly beans' to the 'cream egg' for the...'

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