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Friends Watching Funny Videos, Watch This Without Laughing

When my friends Tess and Orla came round recently, we decided to watch a compilation of funny YouTube videos that my dad had edited together for me a while back. We had never seen this compilation before, and so 99 percent of the videos were completely new to us, and as you will see, our reactions are clearly genuine.

So, why not play along at home and watch this video with us, and see how long you can last without grinning or gasping with horror, or most likely bursting out into laughter. It's a real mixture of funny clips and vines, ranging from some serious pranks that have gone wrong, to crazy stunts, cute babies, silly animals and people who are just naturally funny without even trying.

My absolute favourite clip is the boy at a safari park, where the family are driving round the monkey enclosure, and he exclaims: 'Monkey on the roof...'. You'll have to watch to see what he says next. It was so funny.

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