Top 100 YouTube Videos
96. Fred Goes Swimming

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An extremely popular and extremely annoying YouTuber, Fred has around 2.5 subscribers and some incredibly popular videos. Using a silly voice, he goes on many funny 'adventures', such as this one, where he decides to go swimming in his pool with his mean brat friend Judy.

Fred's swimming pool turns out to be just a small paddling pool in the garden, but he dives in anyway, wearing some arm bands and an inflatable hippo ring. Then Kevin arrives and chases after him, and so Fred threatens to go and get a cat that has rabies.

Then Fred goes inside, because everyone is being mean to him, but not before playing with the neighbourhood squirrels, which look rather like small, fluffy dogs. This peculiar video has been watched by around 70 million people already and although we quite like it, we do ask ourselves 'How on earth has it become so popular?!' It's a mystery to us, that's for sure.

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