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21. BBC April Fool with Flying Penguins

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This is possibly one of the most believable April Fool's jokes ever to have been played, because it is just so well done. The BBC teamed up with Terry Jones to 'film' a rather special group of penguins, which they said had only been recently discovered.

They go on to pretend that these penguins can actually fly, by animating them with fantastic CGi effects to make them appear to take off in the same way that puffins do. They show the penguins migrating to a tropical jungle, where they can spend the summer months basking in the sun, far away from the snowy weather. This classical prank not only shows a fun side to the BBC, but it also serves to advertise their iPlayer service as well.

Of course, penguins can't really fly, but if they could flap their little flipper wings and take to the skies, they would most likely look just like the ones in this video.

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