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25. Fenton the Dog in in Richmond Park - 'Jesus Christ'

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When this YouTube video was uploaded in November 2011 (was it really that long ago?!), people went crazy and it wasn't long before T-shirts were being made, amongst other merchandise. Basically, Fenton is a lovable Labrador dog that was being taken for a walk in Richmond Park, London.

When his owner let him off the lead, Fenton the dog ran away and headed straight for a large herd of red deer. His owner can be heard shouting after him - 'FENNNNTTOOOONNNNN! OH JESUS CHRIST!'

Fearne Cotton, who was a morning DJ on Radio 1 at the time, certainly helped to make this video even more popular and go viral, because she kept talking about how funny it was on her radio show. At first, people weren't sure what the dog was actually called, but it wasn't long before everyone was talking about the antics of Fenton the naughty Labrador.

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