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Freaking Out with the FeelyPOD Challenge - Nia vs Liv

Brace yourself for the terror that lurks within the FeelyPOD, our feeling game challenge with disgusting things inside the compartments.

Whoever thought this was a good idea?! Well, it was truly awful. Liv didn't like the thought of putting her hand into a dark box without knowing what was inside and so recording this video took around two hours. There was lots of shaking and tears along the way, together with laughter and a sigh of relief at the end, when it was all over.

But who got to touch the pig's trotter, the hairy tarantula spider skin and the giant wriggly mealworms?! Watch the video to find this out and relive our terror. The even more frightening thing is that the FeelyPOD box is now sitting under the stairs, waiting to come out again for another challenge in the future. Please, no, never again.

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