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Our favourite podcastsThere are a lot of podcasts that have inspired us in countless ways over the years and we enjoy listening to them all, whether in the car, on the way to school or as we are drifting off to sleep.

When we are in the car and listening to the radio, then it is always BBC Radio 1 that we put on. Scott Mills in the afternoon is probably our favourite DJ, with his comedy sidekick Chris Stark helping to keep him all the more youthful. Their podcasts are great, especially when they involve Scott making Chris do silly things, like real life bake-offs in cafes, where he pulls their cakes apart and critiques the bakes - 'Nice crumb structure. It's a good bake. You're my star baker, etc.'

Greg James is OK, Grimmy not so bad, and Matt Edmondson is great. We really like his competitions, such as 'Play Your Charts Right', although I'm not sure why he renamed it to 'Chart Trumps' or whatever he called it in the end - certainly not so catchy because we can't even remember it. Perhaps the legend that is Bruce Forsyth wasn't very impressed and so had a quiet word in Matt's ear. That'll be it.

When it comes to the world of podcasters, Dan and Phil certainly have to be at the very, very top of any list, including ours. We are hoping to meet them soon, as they are on tour relatively nearby - here's hoping that dreams really do come true.

Nia has listened to the YogPod for years, with the wonderful Lewis and Simon. We particularly like their sense of humour and their amazing cartoons, which are true works of art. Particularly memorable is the episode where they interview a pretend Brian Blessed and ask how he likes his eggs, to which he replies rather loudly - 'Scraaaaambled!'. Classic YogPod, so funny.

It's great that Chris Moyles is back on the radio, on Radio X (the new and improved version of Radio XFM). And how amazing that he topped the iTunes podcast charts straight away and is still doing so. I think that it is because Dominic Byrne is just such a good addition to the team. He manages to steal the show whenever he opens his mouth.

Nia's brother Rhys likes to listen to:
(BTW, these podcasts are most definitely not the views of us at the NiliPOD.)

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