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51. Fast Food Lasagna - An Epic Meal

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If you are feeling hungry, then watching this video will certainly make your mouth water, that is if you like greasy, unhealthy food. Uploaded to YouTube in 2011 on the Epic Meal Time channel, the 'Fast Food Lasagna' is exactly what its sounds like, a lasagna that is made from all kinds of different fast food.

To get the ingredients, a car full of men drive around various fast-food takeaway restaurants, ordering huge quantities of burgers. First they head to the drive-through at McDonald's and order 15 Big Macs and a litre of sauce, before heading to Wendy's for 15 Baconators (premium double bacon cheeseburgers) and onion rings, and 15 Teen Burgers from NW (NorthWest).

Then, all of the ingredients are laid out in a giant industrial-style catering tray, with layers of the burgers and their buns, crispy bacon strips, Jack Daniels meat sauce and more grated cheese than you can imagine. Throw in some dramatic music and then you have a viral YouTube video like no other. And weirdly, the cooked lasagna at the end actually looks quite nice. They certainly seem to be enjoying it as they tuck in, although it is rather messy.

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