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65. Cute Emotional Baby

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Uploaded to the YouTube account of Alain Leroux, this lovely baby girl appears to be getting extremely emotional when her mother (behind the camera) suddenly bursts into a song, singing a moving ballad. The gorgeous little baby appears to be completely captivated by the mother, and she starts to smile and then cry at the song.

The video was uploaded in 2013 and has reached around 40 million views already. In the end, the mother stops singing, because the baby is about to start sobbing uncontrollably, and then she says 'It's OK, it's just a song!'

And in case you are wondering what the mommy is actually singing, we can exclusively reveal that it was 'My Heart Can't Tell You No' by Sara Evans. Here's a taster of the lyrics, which are very upbeat and perfect for singing to a baby, not!...

I don't want you to come 'round here no more,
I beg you for mercy.
You don't know how strong my weakness is
Or how much it hurts me.
Cause when you say it's over with her,
I want to believe it's true.
So I let you in, knowing tomorrow
I'm gonna wake up missing you,
Wake up missing you.

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