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Playing the Elastic Bands on the Head Game - Nia vs Liv

This was another of our crazy Nia vs Liv challenges that we don't know anything about beforehand. Those elastic bands were so tight!

Basically, what we had to do was see how many elastic bands we could put on our heads and over our faces in just one minute. One of us was really good at playing this game, and the other was a little bit rubbish - can you guess who?! It was really hard playing the 'Great Laggy Band Challenge' though, because the elastic bands were incredibly tight. It was also really, really funny, especially when Liv put one across her nose and started laughing and saying 'Hello' in a rather silly way. You'll see what we mean if you take a look, and maybe even have a go at this game yourself. Send us some photos if you manage to look as ridiculous as we did.

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