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Easter Vlog in Oxford, Cumberbunny and Car Breakdown

For Easter, we decided to have a short break in Oxford, which turned out to be quite eventful! We set off in the pouring rain, driving past Stonehenge, and when we finally arrived in Oxford, we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine, for a bit anyway.

As we'd never been to Oxford before, we did the typical tourist thing, sightseeing bus, museums and art galleries. In fact, we saw an amazing exhibition of Andy Warhol paintings / canvasses at the Ashmolean Museum, although I wasn't allowed to film in the gallery for copyright reasons, sadly.

Anyway, after our day of sightseeing, we got back to the car and it wouldn't start, so we had to wait for ages for the RAC to arrive. It didn't help that we couldn't shut the car windows, because they were electric and the car battery wasn't working, and then it started pouring with rain! We got to our hotel in the end and the following day, we went punting on the River Cherwell, on an actual gondola boat. And we even had our very own gondolier to chauffeur us along.

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