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Easter Nail Art Tutorial, Easter Chick and Ombre Sponged Nails

With Easter coming up, I was very keen to do another nail tutorial with a cute Easter egg and chick theme, and so after giving it a lot of thought, I came up with this.

I quite like it when the ring finger nail is different to the rest, but still along the same lines, creating a themed set of nails. So in this tutorial I show you how to do a mixture of colourful gradient nails (using a sponge), along with a very cute yellow Easter chick with googly eyes, which is hatching out of a cracked white egg.

You can obviously adapt the colours to suit your tastes and use whatever nail polish colours that you have in your polish collection, but do try to keep them nice and bright, and maybe mix some together to make new colours if you don't have enough!

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