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33. Drunk Baby Trashing Bar in Las Palmas

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We first noticed this rather unusual and unique video when it made an appearance on E4's Rube Tube TV show, with host Alex Zane. It is definitely a combination of hilarity and surrealism, helped partly by the Mexican-style background music.

Apparently this mini-movie took months to actually create, because young children are notoriously difficult to film. The papier-mache puppets are scaled down and look brilliant, making the toddler appear like a life-size person as she sloshes down her glass of whine, wobbles as she walks between tables, takes a sausage from someone's plate, knocks over a fake palm tree and then eventually falls over, knocking down a table and breaking a prop wooden chair.

The video is part of a longer movie called 'Las Palmas' (by Johannes Nyholm) and although it is funny, we're not sure that we'd want to watch any more than a couple of minutes' worth.

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