Top 100 YouTube Videos
37. Diet Coke and Mentos on Stage

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Have you ever dropped a Mento sweet into a bottle of fizzy Coca Cola and watched it create an instant fountain of sugary goodness? Well if you haven't, get ready to be inspired by this crazy YouTube video hit.

A couple of nutty men, dressed like Coca Cola scientists (with white lab coats and goggles), set up a table outside and lined up a row of diet coke bottles, which they arranged at different angles and on swings.

Then, they set to work dropping the Mento sweets into the bottles to create a choreographed fountain routine set to music, which appears rather like a very unusual fireworks display of bubbles. To make this video (created by Zorro103) 101 two-litre bottles of diet Coca Cola were used, together with a staggering 523 Mentos. We're glad that we didn't have to clean up the mess afterwards!

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