Top 100 YouTube Videos
18. Devil Baby Attack

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If you like a good prank, then you will absolutely love watching this viral video, and try to imagine how you would react if you saw this Devil Baby in real life yourself when you were out and about shopping, minding your own business.

This was filmed to promote a horror film named 'Devil's Due'. A team of very experienced animators get together to produce the most evil looking animatronic baby possible, and then they sit the baby in a remote control pram that they drive around the pavements (sidewalks if you are American) of New York - the Big Apple.

When the infant begins to cry, passersby peer into the pram to see if it is OK. At this stage, the operators make the Devil Baby jump up and scare them, especially when it starts moving and being sick. The best thing about this is how horrible and realistic the robotic baby actually looks. It looks so, so real.

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